Organisations play a central role in preparedness for disruptions and dealing with accidents. Organisations have sound specialist expertise, experience of leading voluntary activities and the capability to provide special crisis services. They also play a prominent role in sustaining psychological resilience. In addition, they provide a channel through which people can help and, among other things, coordinate voluntary activities to assist the authorities.

The Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK provides information on preparedness and promotes the preparedness skills of citizens.

SPEK also maintains the Kodinturvaopas website which provides instructions on how to prevent accidents and deal with dangerous situations.

SPEK and the National Emergency Supply Agency maintain the 72 hours website , which is a databank of preparedness guidelines for citizens.

The Martha Organization promotes the self-sufficiency of citizens by teaching them everyday skills and providing information on preparedness.

The Finnish Red Cross assists the authorities in the event of accidents and crises and trains citizens to prepare for such situations.

The National Defence Training Association of Finland MPK is a national training organisation, which trains and educates citizens to be prepared for and to survive dangerous situations in everyday life and under exceptional conditions. With this training, we improve and support the readiness of the Finnish Defence Forces and other authorities under normal and exceptional conditions.