The Security Committee has a full-time secretariat that is located at the Ministry of Defence. The Secretariat’s preparedness expertise broadly covers a broad variety of fields of society.

The Security Committee can also have part-time secretaries. In addition, the various ministries can appoint government officials to the Secretariat. The Secretariat operates directly under the chair and assists the chairs, members and experts, prepares matters belonging to the Security Committee and contributes to the implementation of the decisions made by the Committee. Matters subjected to the Security Committee are prepared together with the experts of the appropriate ministries and government agencies. The Secretariat also acts as the secretariat for the meetings of central government preparedness managers and preparedness secretaries.

Members of the secretariat

Secretary General Petri Toivonen
Senior legal advisor Teija Pellikainen
Assistant Secretary General Christian Perheentupa
Senior Researcher Jouni Pousi
Secretary Jaana Hyytiä
Specialist Alexander Zilliacus
Specialist Antti Kola
Intern Ville Elo 


Secretaries on a part-time basis

Senior Specialist Kalle Kallio, Prime Minister’s Office
Senior Specialist Lasse Ilkka, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Analyst Nuutti Nikula, National Emergency Supply Agency
Preparedness Coordinator Laura Naumanen, Ministry of the Interior
Senior Specialist Ilpo Litmanen, Ministry of Finance
NGO representative Ilona Hatakka
Head of Security Mika Kuronen, Finnish Customs
Senior Specialist Aleksi Kuutio, Ministry of Defence