Vital functions

The functions vital to society consist of what keep the wheels of secure daily life turning: a well-functioning judicial system, sufficient border surveillance, smooth traffic and a clean living environment, for instance. When the basic functions of society are in order, it is possible to return to normal life after crises without losing the firm ground on which society rests. The importance of the functions vital to society becomes evident when something goes badly wrong; if, for example, an extensive power failure or a major accident occurs.

The functions vital to society must be secured in all times, in normal conditions as well as in crises. In the security strategy for society, the vital functions form the basis for preparedness. The following functions are defined as vital in the strategy:

  • Leadership: Ensuring leadership is vital, as it provides the basis for safeguarding all other functions. Functioning leadership must be secured in all situations and at all operative levels. Effectively dealing with incidents requires closed cooperation between the parties responsible for providing the situation picture and for communications.
  • International and EU activities: International activities cover all levels and sectors of Finnish society. Providing a basis for international cooperation and participation in crisis prevention are an integral part of the safeguarding of other vital functions of society. Security cooperation at EU level is integral part of security planning in administrative branches.
  • Defence capability: Finland will safeguard its independence and territorial integrity By maintaining and developing a defence capability tailored to its security environment and maintenance of FInland’s defence capability is to establish deterrence against the use of military force and the threat of using military force. If necessary, Finland willl repel the military threats against it By means of military force.
  • Internal security: By maintaining internal security, Finland can prevent and counter criminal activities against it and its population, and prevent accidents, environmental damage and other similar incidents and threats, and succesfully manage their consequences. The work is supported by close cooperation between other national and international authorities, the European Union and actors at all adminstrative levels.
  • Economy, infrastructure and security of supply: Ensuring the functioning of the economy, infrastructure and security of supply helps to safeguard the funding and other resources for vital functions. The domestic and international infrastructure, organisations, structures and processes essential for vital functions are safeguarded.
  • Functional capacity of the population and services: Functional capacity of the population and its well-being are safeguarded By maintaining the key Basic services. They help to ensure independent living in all situations.
  • Psychological resilience: Psycological resilience means the ability of individuals, comunities, society and the nation to withsand the pressures arising from crisis situations and to revocer from their impacts. Good psychological resilience facilitates the recovery process.