Update process for the Security Strategy for Society

The Security Strategy for Society 2017 is a Government resolution which harmonises national preparedness principles and guides preparedness in the various administrative branches.

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The first part of the strategy presents a cooperation model for comprehensive security, on the basis of which preparedness measures and other actions are taken concerning a range of different kinds of incidents in Finland. The second part directs preparedness in Government’s administrative branches.

Comprehensive security is a cooperation model, a framework for doing things collaboratively. It is described in the Security Strategy for Society, which lays out the general principles governing preparedness in Finnish society. In the cooperation model, actors share and analyse security information, prepare joint plans and train together. Foresight is an important part of preparedness work, providing a means for responding to security challenges and preventing future ones.

The Security Strategy for Society has been prepared in broad-based cooperation, taking into consideration the viewpoints of all the actors involved. Comprehensive security is looked after through cooperation between the authorities, the business community, organisations and citizens. Each administrative branch is responsible for the implementation of the strategy, based on its area of expertise. The Security Committee monitors the implementation and develops cooperation together with the preparedness managers of the various ministries.

The principles of the Security Strategy for Society cover preparedness in different types of incidents and emergences. The cooperation model for comprehensive security in Finland is internationally unique and respected. The strategy lays out vital functions in society, i.e. the basic functions that must be safeguarded under all conditions and at all operative levels. The second part of the strategy outlines the tasks and areas of responsibility of the Government’s ministries pertaining to preparedness.

The security strategy was prepared jointly by the authorities, organisations and representatives of the business community. Citizens also had the opportunity to present their ideas and contribute to the strategy.


Update process for the Security Strategy for Society 2017

The Security Committee is responsible for updating the Security Strategy for Society. The most recent version of the Strategy was approved as the Government resolution dated 2 November 2017. Work on updating the strategy began in spring 2016, with contributions from the authorities, the business community, organisations and citizens.

The previous version of the Security Strategy for Society was from 2010. Before that, principles governing preparedness in society were updated into the Strategy for Securing the Vital Functions of Society in 2003 and 2006.