Valokuva: valtion kyberturvallisuusjohtaja Rauli Paananen

Rauli Paananen

Comprehensive Security Together #2: Cybersecurity in a Pandemic

In accordance with the Security Strategy for Society, one of the strategic tasks of the Ministry of Transport and Communications is to ensure the safety and operational security of Finnish communications networks.

Achieving these objectives was truly put to the test when, in the spring of last year, more than one million Finns moved to telework in the early stages of the pandemic. Taken per capita, the Finns’ shift to remote work was the largest in all of Europe.

Our communications networks were able to cope excellently with the transition, and there has been sufficient capacity in the networks. This has been made possible by up-to-date legislation and long-term preparedness cooperation between the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency and the telecommunications service providers.

An integral part of the security of communications networks is their information and cyber security. On this, the telecommunications service providers and the Cyber Security Centre of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency cooperate seamlessly on a daily basis to ensure the safety of our networks.

Cyber security must be developed continuously. In accordance with Finland’s Cyber Security Strategy, a cyber security development programme has been prepared at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, with the aim of creating a domestic cyber security ecosystem to improve cyber security throughout society.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the Cyber Security Centre of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency on receiving the Timanttiteko prize. The prize is a token of the Centre’s exemplary work and the successful promotion of the objectives of the Security Strategy for Society.