Valokuva: Suomen Punaisen Ristin pääsihteeri Kristiina Kumpula puhumassa Suomi Toimii -kampanjan tiedotustilaisuudessa 17.4.2020. Kuvaaja: Laura Kotila, Valtioneuvoston kanslia.

Kristiina Kumpula (Kuva: Laura Kotila, VNK)

Comprehensive Security Together #8: Civil Society As the Foundation of Trust

We have been living the corona virus pandemic for a little over a year now. Sometimes it feels like time has stopped, and sometimes it runs very quickly. As a whole I can say that it has been wonderful to see, how Finnish civil society has shown willingness to help and the ability to find new ways to help.

When we started a year ago, the non-profits were still somewhat searching for their modes of operation, but neighbourly help, help within networks, and spontaneous help all functioned. There was assistance with using services, visits to other people, and the start of food aid. During the spring and summer, the non-profits found their modes of operation. At the moment we are focused on helping the authorities with vaccinations.

At the same time that non-profits have found their own way of helping people, we are planning the time after corona. How can we best help those, who have suffered the most from the epidemic? It is interesting to see that spontaneous activity has risen up beside the organized activities. These complement each other.

For comprehensive security, this is important. Networks, people’s activity, citizens’ activity, and organized activity all build security – build the kind of trust without which comprehensive security cannot form. In this way the entirety of society benefits from citizens both helping and being ready to help.

Kristiina Kumpula
Finnish Red Cross

(English translation: Secretariat of the Security Committee.)