We need to keep working together to ensure an even better level of preparedness in Finnish society

The Security Committee monitors the implementation of the Security Strategy for Society and reports on it annually to the state leadership. The report analyses changes in the state of preparedness and the factors affecting them in the context of the vital functions and the related strategic tasks. The report has been drawn up in cross-administrative cooperation leveraging the expertise of businesses and civil society organisations.

While the crises of the past few years have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Finnish concept of comprehensive security, they have also revealed development needs in crisis response. As a result, several projects are underway to develop preparedness. The coordination and completion of these projects will further strengthen our comprehensive security model.  It is important for these projects to form a coherent whole. Preparedness and response has to be linked to each other.

In 2023, 86 per cent of preparedness measures related to strategic tasks were implemented as planned. Partial shortcomings were identified in tasks related to the following functions vital to society: psychological resilience, population’s functioning and services for the population, internal security as well as finances, infrastructure and security of supply. According to the analysis which the Security Committee presents in its report, Finland’s level of preparedness will continue to develop positively during 2024.

In order to develop comprehensive security, the Security Committee recommends measures targeting the concept of security as a whole, the responsibilities set out for security, international compatibility, regional and local preparedness cooperation, information systems and connections, and citizens’ inclusion. In addition, as the challenging security situation is set to continue, measures to ensure staff coping mechanisms and sufficient numbers of staff should be continued in key sectors. Goal-oriented upskilling through training and exercises must also be secured.

The implementation of the findings and the recommendations for measures presented in the Security Report for Society will be monitored at the Security Committee and in other cross-administrative cooperation forums for preparedness. The report’s findings will also contribute to the planning and implementation of exercises.

As a whole, Finnish society has a good level of preparedness. The measures taken to protect the vital functions of society are mainly at an adequate level, and necessary action has been taken in the areas identified for development. The functions vital to society will continue to be safeguarded through cooperation between the authorities, business community, NGOs and GOs, and citizens. We all will need to pull together to maintain Finland’s comprehensive security.



Petteri Korvala, Secretary General

tel. +358 295 140 700